2023AD, You & ME

EYE to the Sky

seeing beyond

Thanking everyone who infused the music from the beginnings in 2006 through to this moment now in 2023AD.  Our Heavenly Father created the gift of music and I praise Him for it and through it!  He also conducts "silence" - not always  felt "golden", (just ask a musician).  Yet, for the record, we played,  recorded, performed, endured,  prayed, and lived "seeing beyond" 2019.  During silence though, was change, growth, and revival for what the Lord wills for His music.   Forgive me for not updating until now, yet the latest of this New Season for Carrie Lyn Infusion is miraculous.  Faith, Commitment, and Love of Purpose does not mean there is not disappointment, it just means "seeing beyond" and in His will there is The Way!

Phone pic capture while traveling.

Blessings, C'LYN

Coming On Back Around

Carrie Lyn Infusion with WTB

This Live Vibe performance is from 2021, as I was finally able to have the horns to compliment and complete the song. The music and lyrics go back around to 2014 !!

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The Swing of Things


"thaT SWING" !

Who remembers the imovie preview with the swing?  I loved that intro short and wished I could jump into the frame.  This picture is from my new backyard!  The Lord gave me "that swing" just like the one in the imovie trailer!!  He also gave this spectacular sunset with a light funnel up to Heaven!!  This is where our new Sound Exile studio and Country "middle of the" Road House music concert series will be hosted!

New From '22