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Winds In The Harbor - LIVE VIBE

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This track is a SOUND EXILE STUDIO - LIVE VIBE of "that Violynist" Carrie Lyn Infusion
I am an AMERICAN - 

Writing PATRIOTIC songs within my discography since early 2000’s while having raised my three children, with my husband as a career musician, stay-at-home Mother.  

When SEPTEMBER 11th left us with our children asking questions we could not answer and being ridiculed as Conspiracy Theorists and our Souls asking us questions we must answer, THE LORD’s will became even more embedded in what LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS as gifted by HIM and carried across these UNITED STATES of AMERICA should reflect and resonate.   

As the Invisible Enemy continually mocks our contributions that we share WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL let freedom ring out from what I have been blessed to conceive as a citizen of this Blessed Nation.  GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS YOU as you share in this music that celebrates and never forgets - I too, “that Violynist” Carrie Lyn Infusion, “THANK YOU JESUS”, for your time, place, and purpose, YOUR WILL BE DONE - AMEN