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  1. Come On Santa
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Come On Santa

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Come On Santa - Holiday Single
is very special indeed - it features my son on drums -
(Gary was very happy with him and his drum track) , also Gary invited me into his vocal booth to use his top mic -and coach my vocals!! The tag -"Come on Santa" was also his and when I asked if I could change the title to same he said "sure" - !
When my hubby called him to ask what mic in our price range should he be getting - even on tour he called back with his an answer - What a Christmas surprise!!
Rick Vallone - Guitar/"Deck n the Halls"
Willis Barnes - Bass 
Aaron Foster - Keys 
Steven D - Drums

"that Violynist" Carrie Lyn
Joe D - Sound Exile Studio Recording 
Gary Loizzo - Recording / Mix & Master